OSRAM introduced innovative textile illumination technology in India

Workers, cyclists, runners, pedestrians, school children and more can step outside with visibility, safety and confidence thanks to active textile illumination from OSRAM.

Designed for use in garments and accessories, this innovative LED technology is ideal for brands looking to build extra visibility and smart safety features into workwear, sports and leisure clothing, plus outdoor equipment such as helmets, back-packs and school bags.

The OSRAM LED modules are available in a variety of colours and configurations and powered by a power bank for up to eight hours of illumination. With the power bank removed, it can be washed within the garment at 60C and dried at 90C.

Avinder Singh, CEO – OSRAM Lighting India, said, “We live in a high-tech world, but it can still be difficult to spot people using few latest technologies while working on roads, sidewalks, trails and more in bad weather conditions or during hours of darkness. This poses major risks to personal safety.”

Reflectors that react to only incident light, are effective till the time light falls on the reflectors. OSRAM has a smart solution for this – its active LED technology offers a way to be seen at a distance – and stay seen – with three times more visibility than retro-reflective products. Few of the salient features of OSRAM textile illumination are:

  1. Visibility is approximately 500m, approximately 3 times more than what retro reflective products can achieve.
  2. Homogeneous illumination for better visibility and safety.
  3. Complies with all relevant standards like – CE, RoHS, REACH.
  4. Switch to manage the light mode.
  5. Low voltage device (5V).

For global distribution, OSRAM has partnered with Coats, the world’s leading industrial thread manufacturer, which has developed a range of piping and reflective tapes that make the light system easy to integrate.

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