Polycab India presents a new brand identity, with a new logo

Polycab India, India’s largest wires and cables manufacturer and one of the fastest-growing FMEG companies unveiled its renewed brand identity and philosophy that reflects its future business roadmap. The company is undergoing a remarkable transformation under Project LEAP. While being renowned for its excellence in manufacturing wires and cables, the company continues to expand its horizons to offer a comprehensive suite of electrical solutions for modern living making it safe, convenient and sustainable.

The rebranding is not just a shift in visual identity or brand architecture, it is a guiding philosophy that underscores company’s commitment to innovation, technology, safety and sustainability leading to its brand purpose of ‘Connecting all to a brighter future.’

This renewed brand ideology is going to be a significant step towards company’s vision of becoming the foremost brand of choice for customers in the electrical solutions market.

The new visual identity reflects the colours of dawn, symbolizing company’s commitment to reaching new heights, mirroring the rising sun, and encapsulates the vision of uniting all towards a brighter future by ingeniously incorporating the letter ‘O,’ a prominent sound in the company name, into its innovative visual emblem.

The three colours red, blue and purple signifies leadership in wires and cables, the connection with customers, through the FMEG category and its future readiness respectively. This representation aims to make the brand more modern, contemporary, and relatable to the customers whilst retaining the organisation’s core values.

In alignment with its brand vision of ‘Bringing the power of innovations to help everyone connect to a brighter future,’ the company has introduced a forward-looking brand line, signifying the evolution from the existing positioning of ‘Connection Zindagi Ka.’ to ‘Ideas. Connected.’

During the event, while unveiling the new brand identity, Inder Jaisinghani, Chairman and Managing Director, Polycab India Ltd., stated, “As we reflect on our remarkable journey, from the inception as a single electrical store to the leader in wires and cables manufacturing, we are filled with pride. We have always believed evolution is the key to staying relevant and hence continue to work towards offering futuristic solutions to our customers. We have grown by focusing on innovation, sustainability, and customer-centricity, and now, this new brand identity reflects our core pillars.”

He further added, “Our refreshed brand tagline, ‘Ideas. Connected.,’ builds on a future where innovative solutions, based on a thoughtful idea, simplifies lives, and in turn connects to a brighter future. We are dedicated to fostering a brighter future for all, one where every aspect of our lives is seamlessly connected, and our homes truly understand us. With unwavering determination, we look forward to redefining not just our brand but also the way we live.”

Talking about the quality of products he explained, people in India are unaware of quality and safety of electrical products. But when we think of backward integration we think of electrical product’s metallurgy, what kind of chemical used, what kind copper used, which takes more power and should be very safe. Impurity of 0.5 per cent consumes 30 per cent more power. So, we are working on R & D of polymers, copper element.

Throwing light on solar cable, he added, “Solar cables are God gifted product, given by sun.  But to benefit from it, one needs to have good quality of inverters, good quality of panels, good quality of cables. Because when we are talking about the temperature of the sun every day for at least 18 hours in 120-degree temperature then, the cable should have life of minimum 30 to 40 years. But that temperature and that kind of quality, people are ignoring, which is the biggest threat. Instead, people are more worried about the project cost compromising on quality which is biggest threat. Now as a company we are going to guide them.”

Sharing the company vision, Bharat Jaisinghani, Executive Director, said, “It’s our vision to be largest electrical player in India. We dream to own every electrical product in a household to be of our company. We also believe in Make in India, so 98 per cent of production is done in India, except few raw materials.”

Talking about the latest fan launch, he added, “In the FMEG segment, we have been working on this product since last 18 months. This is a reversible fan like specially for city like Delhi, who can use this unique innovative option in cold season. There are other innovative 5 step in the regulator. So, we plan to bring more innovative, new, industry leading products in next 24 months.”

Talking about cables and wires, Nikhil Jaisinghani, Executive Director, said, “Generally people think, cables, wires are simple commodities but actually they are safety products. Sometimes back we launched this product call ‘Green Wire’, which is highly sustainable product and non-carcinogenic. For example, in case of general wire whenever fire takes place, there is smoke all around, where one can lose a life, or suffer from smoke inhilation. But in case green wire there is visible white smoke, that comes out which doesn’t choke, it also gives enough time to escape from room. So we are trying to bring more such product which are extremely safe.  In addition to this, we are also going to launch India’s safest wire soon which is already in the process. As a company we are also working lot on import substitutes.”

The company is also into production and manufacturing of EHV cables which is able to sustain upto 220V and now plans to open a new plant for it for upto 750 KV. Its plans to venture into subsea cable which will be offshore wind cable for shallow water.

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