PolyPhaser launches low PIM cable assemblies

PolyPhaser, an Infinite Electronics brand and an industry-leading provider of RF and data surge protection, filtering and grounding solutions, introduced new low PIM cable assemblies. 

The new low PIM cable assemblies, designed for multiple RF systems, provide a maximum PIM level of -165 dBc and operate at up to 6 GHz. These high-quality cables deliver low insertion loss and excellent VSWR, are 100% RF, and come with the PIM test results marked on the cables. These cable assemblies are available in standard and custom lengths, with multiple connect configurations.

Steve Ellis, Product Manager, said: “We are excited to introduce this brand new product line, allowing us to provide our customers with high-quality, low-PIM cable assemblies. We can deliver them in standard and custom lengths with same-day delivery. The combination of the cables’ features and in-stock availability makes this product launch a truly unique and exciting addition for our customers to take advantage of.”

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