Raytech AG’s Switzerland State of Art WR50-12

Next Gen Equipments is very proud to announce the winding resistance (WR50-12) unit and its latest state-of-the-art 12 kV Tan Delta unit from Raytech AG, Switzerland

Digital Winding Resistance Meter 50A: WR50-12

WR50-12 is a fully automatic device and it is designed for high degree of accuracy for the measurement of very low resistance of any inductive loads and never charges the Transformer windings while testing.

The self-contained instrument performs measurement of both the winding HV-LV sides. The WR50-12 is a lightweight system; this advanced kit can also take the reading in three different modes like single, continuous and interval mode for heat run test shutdown.

“Heat Run Test Graph without Laptop”

Measurements can be made up to by the user, from 0.025A to 50A.

WR50-12’s key features

-Highest Accuracy and Precision of any high current test system.
-Automatic measurements of Low Resistance from 0.00μΩ …100kΩ.
-Demagnetising Circuit (Advanced design).
-Complete automatic calibration system and system diagnostics.
-Temperature channels with automatic resistance correction.
-Fastest discharge time in the market.
-Temperature correction.
-Touch Screen Operation.
-Microprocessor based system with internal storage for over 10,000 test results.
-Data exchange via USB-Key or USB / RS Connection.
-Internal Thermal Printer.
-Internal storage for over 10 000 test Results.
-Portable, rugged & Easy to transport.

For further information: Email: info@ngepl com, salim@ngepl.com, Website:www.ngepl.com

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