Rockwell Automation and Cadenza Innovation to build a strategic relationship

Both the companies intend to collaborate to develop a customer cloud portal to manage deployed distributed energy resources.

Representative image by bertholdbrodersen from pixabay

Rockwell Automation Inc., the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and digital transformation, today announced it has begun collaborating with Cadenza Innovation, the award-winning provider of safe, low cost, and energy-dense Lithium-ion-based storage solutions, to define a strategic relationship including a shared goal of building the industry’s highest performance battery cell production lines.

During 2022 the companies intend to collaborate to develop a customer cloud portal to manage deployed distributed energy resources, an end-to-end battery manufacturing execution system (MES), and equipment automation to support the expansion of Cadenza Innovation’s battery manufacturing in the US and abroad.

Rockwell Automation and Cadenza Innovation intend to create a full digital thread that feeds information from business systems to the factory floor and subsequently out to the field-deployed energy storage systems to ‘close the loop’ by sharing data from the field back into Cadenza Innovation’s connected operations. This, in turn, will ensure peak performance of customer systems.

“We are excited to collaborate with Cadenza Innovation to build high performance battery cell production. With Rockwell Automation’s global industry expertise in manufacturing and sustainability and Cadenza Innovation’s field-proven operational and mass production expertise in the battery market, we have aligned on our commitment to sustainability and innovation,” said Tom O’Reilly, Vice President-Sustainability, Rockwell Automation.

“The transition to cleaner forms of energy to combat climate change is well underway. Driven by the global adoption of EVs, utility grid storage and dozens of other uses, there’s unprecedented demand for rechargeable batteries,” said Christina Lampe-Onnerud, CEO, Cadenza Innovation. “Lithium-ion batteries are the only commercially viable, readily available solution to address this need, but the world requires safer, better performing and lower cost versions. Teaming with a world-class company like Rockwell Automation enables our companies to help address this global demand, doing so with an emphasis on sustainability. We’re thrilled to be working together.”

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