TE Connectivity rolls out new terminal blocks range

SNACompact terminal blocks are strategically designed to provide a compact solution without compromising on performance...

TE Connectivity (TE) has introduced the new SNACompact terminal blocks range from ENTRELEC. Made in India, the new terminal blocks feature a compact design that delivers powerful performance, improving the panel building process for installers who must meet the demands of miniaturization. Some blocks in the range are 14% shorter than legacy terminal blocks, allowing them to fit in smaller junction boxes and save space between wire ducts.

The terminal blocks are equipped with robust ENTRELEC screw clamps. They can also be combined with end ferrules from TE and certified crimping tools for optimal durability. Their asymmetrical design reduces mounting errors, and a funnel entry allows for smooth wire introduction and helps eliminate wrong wire insertions.

The SNACompact terminal blocks utilize an anti-release system, which provides a secure connection and reduces the need for retightening components. These terminal blocks are rated at 1000 V, the highest in their category. Plus, the SNACompact range is UL- and IEC-certified, making them ideal for automation control, industrial machinery, HVAC systems, utilities applications and more. They are available in wire sizes from 0.22 to 95 mm² (24 to 3000 AWG).

For further information: —  www.te.com

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