We are committed to understanding our customer needs: Jayashree Electron

D.G. Dabke, Managing Director, Jayashree Electron, gives us an update on his company’s contribution to the electrical and power sector in a free-wheeling conversation with Ranjana Konatt, Editor - (Brand Positioning).

Tell us about Jayshree Group, its participation in ELECRAMA and your investment in research and development with regard to market demand.
The Jayshree Group was formed in 1972, we have four manufacturing units in MIDC Bhosari with total 8,000 sq. mtr. manufacturing area. All four units are SSI units. We manufacture motor soft starters, conveyor safety switches, optical encoders, proximity sensors of all kinds and various products for automation, safety and control. We are pioneer in introducing these products to Indian industry.

We have been participating in the Elecrama exhibition since 1990 and are associated with IEEMA. Presently, the group turnover is Rs 60 crore. Elecrama and other industrial shows give us the opportunity to display new products and a platform to meet users. We are a small-scale industry, our investment in plant and machinery is low but we do have high-technology products.

In our past 48 years’ experience, we have noticed that government has always neglected the SSI sector from encouraging or providing facilities. We contribute to the nation’s progress but we are the maximum harassed sector from various government authorities, as we are a soft, law abiding target.

Are there any updates to your product portfolio?
Our product portfolio ranges from proximity switches (inductive, capacitive, optical, ultrasonic, magnetic), speed switches (zero speed, under speed, over speed), level sensing (level sensors, transducers, sequence), and soft starters. We intend to provide our customers with the best solutions for control, automation, safety and drive applications with high-quality and top performing products, efficient services, fast deliveries and timely support. We have recently introduced high-tech DC servo motors operating on solar power, which are very useful for irrigation applications.

We, at Jayashree Electron Pvt Ltd are committed to understand clearly and satisfy and exceed the customer needs/ expectations for all the control, safety and drive products – performance, delivery and service support.

What are the challenges the power sector in India is facing?
The quality of electricity in India is very poor. It is unfortunate that all industries together do not protest about the power quality. Policies keep on changing depending on the government. Electronic product industry needs modern equipment and investment for R&D. Our government should help SSI units for R&D activity in simple manner schemes like ‘Power to All’ have been actively talked about but the power quality is lacking. Companies and industries today need a vision. We are selling our products in 15 countries across the globe.

If India has to really establish economic growth then the SSI manufacturing base must be made very strong with good support and facilities by government.

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