Coal-based power generation registered a growth of 11.84% in the month of December 2021…

India’s total coal production increased by 6.74% to 74.78 Million Ton (MT) during December, 2021 as compared to the same period in 2019. Out of the total production during December last year, Coal India Ltd., (CIL) achieved a growth of 3.79% by producing 60.220 MT. Captive blocks registered a growth of 40.98% by producing 8.91 MT of coal during the period. At the same time, Singareni Collieries Ltd (SCCL) registered a negative growth of 1.12% by producing 5.65 MT of Coal during December. Coal production of financial year 2022 has been compared with FY 20 as FY 21 has been considered abnormal year due to restriction imposed on commercial activities in the wake of Covid-19.

Coal dispatch increased by 14.62% to 75.05 MT from 65.48 MT during Dec 2021 as compared to Dec 2019. Out of the total production during this period, Coal India Ltd (CIL) achieved a growth of 12.70% by dispatching 60.67 MT of Coal, Singareni Collieries Ltd (SCCL) achieved a growth of 2.01% by dispatching 5.70 MT of Coal and captive blocks registered a growth of 43.23% by dispatching 8.68 MT.

The Power utilities dispatch has grown by 20.06% to 63.32 MT in the month of Dec 2021 as compared to 52.74 MT in Dec 2019. There is fall in import price of coal since the end of Oct 2021, however, import prices are still at high level discouraging import. Further, coal-based power demand has increased by 12.7% up to November 2021 against the same time of 2020.

Coal-based power generation has registered a growth of 11.84 % in the month of Dec 2021. The overall power generation in Dec 2021 has been 8.32% higher than the power generated in Dec 2019. Coal-based power generation in the month of Dec 2021 has been 85579 MU in comparison to 75620 MU the previous month and registered a growth of 13.17%. Total power generation has also increased in Dec 2021 to 113094 MU from 103177 MU in November.

Out of top 35 mines in coal production 11 of them produced more than 100% and another 12 mines’ production stood at more than 8% but less than 100%.

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