A noteworthy step to promote clean energy

As far as the deployment of Solar Energy is concerned, by now India’s foremost role is well-known to the world. However, mere installation of solar plants is not enough, for their long-term healthy operation, developing field-specific maintenance staff force is very essential. Considering this factor, recently, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP); India’s leading clean energy company, ReNew Power; and the Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) have forged a partnership in Gujarat to educate women from the informal sectors that will allow them to work in the modern clean energy industry.

The multi-pronged programme will facilitate the training of salt pan workers from the Rann of Kutch in solar power technologies to help them leapfrog from traditional energy sources to renewable and clean energy and new livelihood opportunities. The initiative, which will kick off in Gujarat in early 2022 with an estimated 1,000 women, will see salt pan workers trained as solar panel and solar pump technicians across SEWA training centres and ReNew Power’s facilities in the state with technical training provided by Electronics Sector Skills Council of India (ESSCI).

Speaking on behalf of SEWA, Reema Nanavaty, one of the leaders of SEWA, informed, “This programme will not only help create alternative livelihoods for our SEWA sisters and help mitigate the environmental challenges that exist in the current energy use practices in traditional sectors, but it will also help achieve a just transition towards environmental sustainability. We look forward to replicating this programme across other regions of the country with support from organizations such as ReNew Power and UNEP.”

I whole-heartedly appreciate such a great initiative, and wish all the success to it.


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