Power Minister Encourages Women Participation in Indian Power Sector

The Indian power sector has come of age, yet there is no dearth of never-seen-before kind of initiatives. Especially, in the recent years, with adroit leadership of our power minister Raj Kumar Singh, this sector not only has progressed in an unprecedented way, but also fostered several innovative steps.

It was a magnificent moment for the sector, when on February 15, a group of 25 enthusiastic mid-career women professionals from the power sector; who are participating in WePOWER SAR100 – a series of trainings for 100 women professionals from Southeast Asian Region in the energy sector; met the union power minister.

Sharing their experiences from the programme, the 25 women ambassadors of India’s power sector told the minister that WePOWER SAR100 gave them global exposure to the power sector, introducing them to technologies such as vertical solar panels, compressed-air energy storage and ocean-based solar arrays. The trainees said that the programme also enabled them to learn some of the best practices being adopted in the power sector in various countries and also come to a better realisation of their own latent potential.

How enthusiastic our government is in empowering women in our power sector that was evident from the address of Singh. He said, “I tend to see the workplace not in gender terms, but in terms of ability; if you have ability, you will rise up to the top. The course has given you exposure to what is happening in other countries. Now, you need to set your ambitions high. Your objective must be to become CMD or Director one day, which is the change that needs to come. It is happening, but you need to set your sights higher.”

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