Avient’s Formulation To Prevent Stress Cracking

Stress cracking can occur when cables are installed under a high tensile stress...

Avient Corporation, a premier provider of specialized and sustainable material solutions and services, has added a new grade to its ECCOH Low Smoke and Fume Non-Halogen Formulations portfolio. The new ECCOH 5983 Formulation is developed to help prevent environmental stress cracking in low and medium-voltage armoured power cables, protecting power supply and avoiding costly damage.

Metal armouring is utilized within the cable structure to protect against cracking; however, as environmental temperatures fluctuate, the armouring and other cable materials expand and contract at different ratios, further increasing the risk of cracking. Cracks in the cable jacket material can lead to costly damage to the insulation and conductors inside the cable, which can result in short circuits and interrupted power supply.

The new ECCOH 5983 Formulation can help prevent stress cracking in armoured cables installed in environments with high-temperature variations by offering high tear strength and elongation at break over a temperature range from -25°C to 90°C. The new formulation surpasses all specifications associated with the BS 7655-6.1:1997 standard, including the most stringent LTS 1 classification, even for complex designs and armoured cables.

For more information: www.avient.com

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