Hitachi Energy strides ahead with H2 Technology

HyFlex is completely emission-free, producing only AC power, usable heat, and water. In comparison, a 1 MVA diesel generator running at full load combusts roughly 225 kg of diesel and emits 720 kg of CO2 emissions per hour…

Recently in Gothenburg, Sweden, Hitachi Energy has unveiled the HyFlex demonstration unit, which is its Hydrogen Power Generator. During an event held with Hitachi Energy’s technology partner, PowerCell Group, around 100 senior representatives from companies in various industries took part in the demonstration.

This innovative solution is an integrated and scalable plug-and-play generator for temporary or permanent installation, where power grid connections are impractical, and diesel generators are not an option. The medium-power variant provides power for temporary installations and is designed for 400-600 kVA. The high-power variant caters to permanent installations and will provide 1 MVA or more per unit and can be installed in parallel to meet the customer’s specific power needs.

Key application areas

These include construction sites in remote locations or noise- and pollution-sensitive cities; mining sites to power the increasing number of electrically powered equipment like dump trucks and excavators; data centers, hospitals, and hotels that require an emergency backup supply of power and/or heat; and shore-to-ship applications at ports to sustainably power ships at berth as an alternative to diesel generators.

Commenting on the launch, Marco Berardi, Head of Grid & Power Quality Solutions and Service at Hitachi Energy, said, “We are delighted to unveil this pioneering solution that decarbonizes hard-to-abate applications. As the transition to Net Zero progresses, more and more industries are looking for reliable ways to reduce their environmental impact and improve operational performance.”

Preparation for the future

Hitachi Energy is developing a Hydrogen Power Generator demonstration unit with Gothenburg-based fuel cell manufacturer PowerCell Group. PowerCell has provided the power modules and know-how in fuel cell integration and Hitachi Energy has the balance of plant and expertise in power electronics, batteries, cooling, intelligent control, and systems integration.

Hitachi Energy expects to launch a movable variant of this eco-friendly generator for temporary deployment in late 2024 and the permanently deployable variant in 2025.

Other recent activities of Hitachi Energy

With the unveiling of this breakthrough technology, Hitachi Energy now has a complete solutions portfolio across the green hydrogen value chain. In addition to hydrogen-to-power solutions, the portfolio includes power-to-hydrogen (or grid-to-stack) solutions for electrolyzer systems that optimize the entire power supply, from the high-voltage grid connection to the DC stack terminals of the electrolyzer.

Hitachi Energy has already provided a grid-to-stack solution for a 20 MW electrolyzer in Sweden and is providing a similar solution for a 20 MW project in Finland. As the hydrogen ecosystem is gearing up for gigawatt-scale projects, Hitachi Energy is well positioned as a partner of choice to provide optimal power supply systems that deliver the highest efficiency, reliability, and power quality.

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