Looking forward: The Kite Generator System (KGS)

We are survivors. Yes! India has successfully reached ‘Unlock 1,’ and Mumbai is once again gearing up to fight COVID-19. That apart, we also see a more optimistic approach from the industry to move ahead and to strive towards progress. The June 2020 issue of the Electrical India magazine draws special focus to wind energy, with the Kite Generator System being the focal point of discussion. Representatives from the industry report that India presently has an installed wind energy capacity of approximately 37 GW, and has set the target of reaching 60 GW by the year 2022; this in addition to meeting an ambitious goal of 450 GW by the year 2030. The cover story talks about how the energy generated from renewable sources such as solar or wind can be converted into electricity. The story highlights the effectiveness of using the KGS in India, its limitations and the concerns following installation. It also talks about market value, growth, technologies and the measures that can be taken to improve the use of the technology in India.

Also, as utility-scale technology gains popularity, utility asset owners are now looking to store energy to smooth peak demand curves and provide back-up power. This month’s issue also presents our readers with an interesting article on how gas turbines can contribute significantly to power generation.

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