Do Not Increase Economic Burden Now

In this CORONA infested phase, there is nothing much to especially talk about the Indian Power Sector. In most of the states, things are running smoothly except some small instances of breakdown, which are very common incidents. However, when the entire country is passing through a phase of dwindling economic activities, it’s really a matter of pity that some of the DISCOMS are trying to raise money through Security Deposit at this crucial point of bad time.

Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company (MSEDCL) has decided to collect security deposit from its consumers now. Obviously, it is a great burden at this time of economic uncertainty. Not only the residential consumers but also for the MSMES, it is a matter of great distress, which could have been easily avoided.

In Maharashtra, MSEDCL currently enjoys monopoly over all the consumers having connection less than 1MW.  Due to this model, consumers do not have any other alternative but to surrender to MSEDCL’s demands. Besides residential consumers, several MSME representatives are also opposing this step. Moreover, MSEDCL’s new proposal to collect two months’ average bill as security deposit – against the previous practice of one month’s average amount has added more fuel to the fire.

When all the state governments are trying to ease the burdens on the citizens, in Maharashtra evidently MSEDCL is putting extra load on them. Obviously, it is yet another example of dictatorship because of monopoly. MSEDCL must stay away from such steps to trouble the citizens of the state. If they fail to collect their dues from a limited number of consumers, for that they cannot pressurise all the consumers that include a major portion of honest bill payers.


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