E.ON secures energy supply in crisis mode

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Photo by Alexander Popov on Unsplash

By the Electrical India content team

After more than a month of energy supply in corona crisis mode, E.ON’s initial interim assessment is positive. The power, gas, and heat networks that E.ON uses to secure the energy supply in large parts of Europe are running stably, even in this difficult operational mode. Among the roughly 14,000 employees whom E.ON has defined as critical personnel for secure network operations and placed under special protection, there are virtually no infected individuals.

E.ON immediately activated prepared pandemic and crisis plans, and consequently brought them into operation. This has made it possible to maintain all elementary functions at all times. The most important measures have included strict adherence to hygiene and distancing rules and the isolation of particularly sensitive areas such as network maintenance. For several weeks now, only employees with a permanent workplace at such sites have been allowed to enter. The working areas of these key personnel are separated from each other, there is little to no mixing between shifts, and shift handovers are carried out without contact. Technicians who have to work on-site on the grid are equipped with special equipment to minimize the risk of infection.

Secure network operation also includes protecting the infrastructure from cyber-attacks.

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