Electrotech Expo & Automotive Electronics Show: Connecting with Buyers, February 15-17, 2024

Be at the Forefront of the Ongoing Evolution in the Electronics and Semiconductor Industry.

Transform your business at ElectroTech Expo 2024 in Pune, India’s premier electronics trade fair. Explore cutting-edge technologies, network with industry professionals, and gain valuable market insights—all in one venue.

Expand your business in Maharashtra, where the automotive industry’s growth is expected to reach US $58.40 billion by 2028. Display your items at Maharashtra’s largest automobile and electronics show.

The Automobile Electronics Show is held in Pune as part of the ElectroTech Expo, exhibiting cutting-edge innovations in automotive electronics. Pune, the Indian automobile industry’s core, consumes more than 41% of new and aftermarket automotive electronics. This event provides an important forum for industry leaders to demonstrate technology advancements and push growth in the automotive sector.

Attending ElectroTech Expo 2024 Pune provides an ideal platform for engaging with prospective buyers and increasing brand visibility.

Reasons to Choose Maharashtra:

  1. Boasts India’s largest economy, valued at USD 480 billion.
  2. Accounts for 15% of India’s GDP, making it the highest contributor.
  3. Attracts 31.4% of India’s FDI, amounting to $30 billion.
  4. accounts for 25% of India’s total exports.
  5. Home to 0.38 million registered Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), totaling $15 billion in investment.

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