Empowering Industries with Speciality Cables: APAR Industries Path to Success

APAR Industries Limited is gearing up to tackle the biggest challenges of the 21st century, catering to the needs of the global energy sector though sustainable means. The company believes that with an innovation-first mind-set, solutions that make anything possible can be found. APAR’s mission is to design & manufacture Building Blocks for Energy Infrastructure, Transportation & Telecommunication Sectors that contribute meaningfully to make this world more energy efficient, environmentally sustainable and a safer place. Over six decades of legacy and strong geographical presence in over 140 countries with a group revenue of Rs.14352 Cr, APAR is truly defining “Tomorrow’s Solution Today”.

In 2008, APAR Industries Limited entered cables business to expand its portfolio and forward integration by acquisition of UNIFLEX Cables. In 2012, APAR introduced, new gen-tech to build largest e-beam facility in India. In 2021, APAR was the first Indian player to create guidance OFC for torpedoes and became the first Indian company to get an AdBlue certification by VDA-Germany. Keeping exports business in mind as on date, APAR is having UL product approvals for 59 different cable types, (Highest in India). Currently the company is the leading manufacturer in domestic segment for renewable sector cables and No.1 exporter of cables in India.

Defence Sector

APAR takes pride in supplying a wide range of specialised cables for mission-critical applications in the defence industry. These cables are meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the stringent requirements and uncompromising standards of defence organizations. Notably, the Tow Cables developed by APAR is specifically designed for the Maareech Advanced Torpedo Defence System (ATDS) used by the Indian Navy. APAR Industries also provides buoyancy cables for various defense applications, ensuring secure and efficient deployment of towed sensors.

Mining Sector

The mining sector requires cables that can withstand harsh environments and extreme conditions. APAR Industries meets this challenge by designing and manufacturing cables specifically for the rigorous demands of mining operations. These cables are engineered to endure mechanical stress, resist oils, greases, water, and even submersion. APAR mining cables play a vital role in power distribution within mining tunnels and heavy-duty mining equipment, ensuring the safety of personnel and the protection of valuable mining assets. With exceptional durability and reliability, these cables are an essential component of modern mining operations.

Material Handling & Construction Sector

Material handling and construction industries demand cables that can perform flawlessly in extreme temperatures and harsh environments. APAR understands these unique requirements and offers a range of flexible material handling cables and hybrid trailing cables designed to excel in challenging conditions. These cables are specifically engineered to be flexible enough to fit into small spaces and endure demanding environments encountered in material handling and construction applications. APAR Industries’ cables enable the smooth operation of critical processes, such as automated guided vehicles, conveyor systems, and storage and retrieval systems.

Wind Energy Sector

As the renewable energy sector continues to grow, APAR Industries has been at the forefront of developing specialised cables to support its needs. APAR Industries’ cables find applications in both onshore and offshore wind turbines. Extensive testing ensures their ability to withstand extreme torsional stress experienced in wind turbine applications. Additionally, APAR manufactures power cables specifically designed for vertical lifts/elevators in wind turbines, enabling safe and efficient access to turbine nacelles. These reliable and durable cables have earned the trust of
the wind energy industry, contributing to the sustainability of renewable energy by ensuring seamless power transmission.

Railways Sector

Understanding the unique demands of the railways sector, APAR Industries offers speciality cables tailored to meet its requirements. One such cable is the Pantograph Cable, a halogen-free single-core heavy-duty flexible cable designed for railway rolling stock. These cables exhibit special fire performance characteristics while maintaining reduced dimensions. With the ability to withstand occasional movement during operation, these cables ensure reliable power transmission while meeting stringent safety requirements. APAR’s commitment to providing high-quality cables that enhance the efficiency and safety of railway systems is evident in their innovative solutions.

Special Industries Automation & Data Cables

APAR Industries recognizes the critical role that automation and data cables play in various industries’ control and communication systems. Our specialised automation and data cables are designed to meet the unique demands of industrial automation and process control applications. These cables are engineered to ensure the smooth operation of sensitive control equipment and provide interference-free transmission of data and signals. One notable example is their Fluoropolymer Hybrid Cable, which combines advanced fluoropolymer insulation with high-quality conductors. This cable offers exceptional resistance to chemicals, heat, and extreme temperatures, making it an ideal choice for demanding environments.

In conclusion, APAR has consistently delivered speciality cables that meet the specific needs of diverse sectors. Their commitment to innovation, quality, and reliability has established them as a trusted partner in the engineering manufacturing industry. With their extensive expertise and customer-centric approach, they look forward to powering the growth and progress of industries around the world with their speciality cables.

More information: Email: info@apar.com,
Website: www.apar.com

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