Genset Controllers

Genset Controller is used to control the functioning of the genset system.

A genset acts as a backup or an alternate power source. It provides power output to the loads as and when required. Genset Controller is used to control the functioning of the genset system. A genset controller provides various monitoring functions of a genset, monitoring of various electrical parameter like voltage, current, frequency, power etc. It also has capability to measure the temperature, oil level/ pressure etc.

Rishabh Instruments, known for its innovations and pursuing customer needs provides unique advantage of offering all the necessary devices to DG OEMs right from APM, CTs, CAM switches, Dual source energy meters, battery chargers, data loggers, transmitters and now the DG set controllers.

• Three variants for different applications & requirement;
AMF – Auto Mains Failure Controller (RI 303 AMF): The AMF controller is a kind of module used in generator control panel when you have to control a generator that is connected in standby configuration. It is about a system that is waiting for a failure of the power utility. The product is recommended for high-end offering
DGC – Genset Controller (RI 302 G): A Genset Controller provides an auto switch when the mains supply fails and provides back up to load as a temporary arrangement. After retaining of mains supply, the genset switches the load back on mains supply. The product is recommended for standard requirements.
ATS – Automatic Transfer Switch (RI 301 ATS): A transfer switch is an electrical switch that switches a load between two sources. An Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is often installed where a backup generator is located, so that the generator may provide temporary electrical power if the utility source fails. The product is recommended for upgradation or retrofitting solutions.

• Fuel level and oil temperature
• Voltage drop immunity
• Smart auto setup systems with events log with up to 250 events
• Remote start with closure of the generator contactor even with mains present
• Easy programming & navigation with display on same page for current and voltage
• Digital / analog inputs & outputs programmable from keyboard
• Help service page with visualisation of inputs & outputs status
• Fast and easy updating of the maintenance hours along with and timer start/stop for programmed work cycles
• RS232 – RS485 independent serial interfaces
• Engine CANBUS communication J1939
• Gasoline engines support with automatic management of the choke valve.

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