In a typical usage scenario, a customer rides up to a Gogoro GoStation, places used batteries in the two open slots, and six seconds later, receives pre-charged batteries in exchange…

Representative image by YoBykes from pixabay

Based on its recent analysis of the global swappable battery electric scooter market, Frost & Sullivan (F&S) has recognizing Taiwan-based Gogoro with the 2020 Global Company of the Year Award for its Gogoro Network. Gogoro Network is an intelligent energy platform that combines the power of connectivity, artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a new generation of swappable refueling that is smart, scalable and continually optimizing itself.

Gogoro has grown from 70 GoStations in 2015 to nearly 2,000 stations in 2020, accessed by nearly 360,000 customers every month. The company strategically places these stations every 500 meters in places such as malls, convenience stores, parking structures, and coffee shops. It has established consumer battery swapping on a mass scale, performing 265,000 battery swaps each day (135 million to date). It demonstrates that its business model is viable and practical.

“The company expects to build the service out in several cities outside of Taiwan. As a testament to its success with GoStations, its vehicles, and the overall Gogoro Network, the company’s ridership developed their own community, forming multiple forums and networks and becoming ambassadors for climate change and clean energy transportation. All this comes together via the innovative Gogoro Network, which utilizes cloud computing to connect to GoStations, battery swapping stations designed to exchange used batteries for charged ones,” said Vishwas Shankar, Research Director at Frost & Sullivan.


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