Highly Innovative & Flexible Doors For Versatile Industrial Applications

India’s No.1 Entrance Automation & Loading Bay Equipment Company, Gandhi Automations Pvt Ltd offers Porto and Max Vista - Automatic Sectional Overhead Doors - the ideal solution for all industrial and commercial needs...

Porto Sectional Overhead Doors are ideal for all industrial and logistics needs. The design and different solutions offered ensure the door to be aesthetically pleasing and perfectly suited to any architectural environment – from modern and traditional industrial buildings to fine commercial buildings. As these doors slide vertically, stopping in the proximity of the ceiling, they blend in with the architectural features of the building. Porto doors are built to ensure the highest ease and flexibility of use which, in turn ensures a quick, hassle free and accurate replacement of old doors. Their compact size ensures more available space both inside and outside the premises. Depending on the structure of the building and the requirement a choice can be made from a standard lift, vertical lift, horizontal lift, low headroom or inclined lift. Porto range comprises of a wide series of track systems, panel options and safety features. Special glazed doors provide excellent lighting and vision into the building where required.

Max Vista: Max Vista Sectional Overhead Doors are ideal for industrial and commercial buildings. The doors are made with a combination of aluminium panels and transparent acrylic, grilled or meshed windows giving it a distinctive look and enhancing the look of a building. Max Vista Doors make the environment bright and pleasant to work in as it allows natural light to pass through the large clear areas.

Gandhi Sectional Overhead Doors provide heat insulation and sound proofing thus improving the working conditions on the premises and saving energy. The products are affixed with a CE mark making them reliable and safe.

Key Features:

  • Reliable and low- noise operation
  • Extreme robustness
  • Safe operation in compliance with safety requirements
  • Design-oriented surfaces and optimum light solutions
  • Minimal bulk for more space indoors and outdoors
  • Easy and practical to open and operate
  • Energy savings and more comfort
  • Bright indoor environment and attractive design
  • Pre-painted, galvanised steel, sandwich panel, thickness 40 mm
  • The gaskets, made of a special non ageing rubber, seal the perimeter of the door opening.
  • They produce a perfect seal, preventing water, air and dust infiltration
  • Sectional Overhead Doors can be Customised as Gas Tight Ripening Room Doors
  • Opening – Closing speed = 0.2 – 0.4 m/s
  • Sizes available: Width (max) = 15000 mm
  • Height (max) =10000 mm

More information: Email: sales@geapl.co.in
Website: www.geapl.co.in

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