HMS offers communication solutions for battery energy storage systems

One of the keys to solving the energy crisis and making the world more sustainable may be Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). Green energy sources such as wind and solar are not always available, so large battery parks can provide energy storage for when the sun and wind are not as strong.

BESS need to communicate

In order for these large battery parks to function, they must have a lot of communication capabilities. In this application area, HMS offers a comprehensive package of communication solutions.

Error prevention and networking of CAN-based devices

In many battery systems, CAN is the communication standard of choice since the battery market is driven by the automobile industry. With the Ixxat brand, HMS offers a wide range of communication solutions, including PC connectivity, networking, line extensions, and galvanic isolation.

Networking gateways

It is necessary to interconnect various protocols and network standards in order to combine different equipment. HMS’s intelligent gateways can connect CAN, Modbus, BACnet, KNX and other proto-cols easily, handling all the crucial data exchange and enabling centralized control.

Cloud/SCADA connectivity and remote access

Cloud solutions and SCADA systems require intelligent networking as well. SG (Smart Grid) gateways from HMS are able to manage both energy and industrial fieldbus protocols as well as protocols necessary for cloud integration.

“We see a rapidly growing demand for communication solutions in Battery Energy Storage Systems as society as a whole is turning to more sustainable energy sources such as wind and solar,” says Alexander Hess, General Manager at HMS Business Unit Ixxat. “Communication is needed to get BESS systems to work and HMS offers an extensive portfolio of industrial communication solutions to solve the communication issues at hand in these systems.”

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