A view of the solar installation in the Mahavir Universe Phoenix Society…

Oorjan Cleantech a technology and finance enabled distributed solar company has recently installed a solar plant on the Mahavir Universe Phoenix Society at Bhandup in Mumbai. Its capacity is about 100 kWp. Earlier, the company has also installed hundreds of projects across 15 states in India.

The installation has been done across the high-rise towers comprising more than 230 solar panels installed over 7500 square feet shadow free area. The society followed a formal procedure to select the engineering and installation partner and finalized with Oorjan a company led by IITians and brings the best of solar technology, data and financing under one roof to empower the solar revolution in India.

The Indian government has an ambitious target of 100GW (~USD 100 Billion) solar capacity deployed by 2022, out of which 40% is rooftop – and to emerge as a leader in climate action, it needs to prioritize solar rooftop photovoltaic (PV) especially among residential buildings users.

Oorjan previously installed solar projects across towers in Dheeraj Dream, which is likely to be the largest housing society solar projects in Mumbai with 1600+ solar panels. While commenting on the project, Gautam Das, Co-founder & CEO, Oorjan Cleantech Private Limited, said, “This project is expected to save Rs 20 lac every year for the society and the green impact is equivalent to planting 4,500 teak wood trees. We have 1500 customers across in India and we are committed to reach 10,000 soon.”

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