Hydro Turbine Control Solutions

Working as a part of your team, DEIF’s process helps to define problems, identify solutions and develop ideas in a manner which will provide the most successful and appropriate end results...

Delomatic 4 Hydro...

DEIF, a company of Danish origin with global presence, is one of the world leaders in control solution for the power generation systems on land and marine segments. DEIF with its eight decade of experience has developed control solutions for hydro power, the largest and most economical source of renewable energy on Earth. In order to guarantee optimised power plant operations, increase safety and simplify maintenance; DEIF has developed integrated solutions that are capable of performing large number of functions compared to standard systems. Due to our integrated products and solutions we can reduce the maintenance costs to a minimum. DEIF India Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of DEIF A/S, Denmark,is the Centre of Excellence for Hydro Power applications. DEIF India develops and provides innovative solutions for power management and control of micro, mini and small hydro power generating sets for the whole world. Our systems have been installed successfully in large number of hydro power plants countrywide over a very short time span. Our product Delomatic, is used by numerous renowned OEMs and end users including Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board Ltd., and Uttarakhand Jal Vidyut Nigam Ltd. – the states with maximum hydro power potential in India.

Globally local existence

Our ‘glocal’ approach combines leveraging global experience with strong local presence and expertise. Our local experts work hand-in-hand with you to meet your exact needs at every stage of the project. Working as a part of your team, DEIF’s process helps to define problems, identify solutions and develop ideas in a manner which will provide the most successful and appropriate end results. DEIF HYDRO is supported by global sales and service setup, which gives us a global reach and the ability to serve our customers in any corner of the world. After completion of the project, DEIF offers an extensive local support network in order to ensure high availability of maintenance and other services. By doing so, we offer a highest degree of operational safety and efficiency.

Technology through innovative solutions

DEIF invests heavily in research and development globally, to provide state-of-the-art technology that meets customers’ needs and stay at the forefront of technological innovation. The expertise and vision of our designers and their partnership with different fields of power control equipment such as Marine, Steam, Gas and Diesel; allows us to consistently offer cutting-edge technology to our customers in Hydroelectricity generation sector as well.

Tailor-made solutions for specific requirements

Every project is different in terms of challenges and requirements. Local conditions or budget limitations are also determining factors for hydropower projects. DEIF offers integrated and cost-efficient solutions of different scope according to customer-specific requirements and capabilities. In the development process, our goal is to maximize efficiency by customising our solutions to reach the best possible solution for each client, thus gearing up the customer’s profit to a higher level.

Hydro turbine generator control

A customised solution, DEIF’s integrated hydro turbine generator control solutions economizes installation costs significantly by using fewer components and lesser wiring compared to systems that require multiple units to provide synchronisation, protection and PLC functionality.

Delomatic 4 (DM-4) Hydro-controlled plants offer fully automated control for stable optimised operation and require less maintenance and fewer man-hours. The Delomatic 4 Hydro is compatible with all types of turbines and flexible and easy to adapt with simple parameter settings. Critical functions such as speed governing, generator protections and synchronising are fully integrated with password-protected features for maximum security.

The controller’s Human Machine Interface (HMI) is easy to operate. Based on the graphic screens embedded in the DM-4 Hydro unit itself, the screens are uploaded to a PC like any other interactive webpage graphics using USB or TCP/IP communication, enabling simple password-protected remote control and monitoring.

The advantages to DEIF’s Delomatic solution go beyond savings, wiring, construction, engineering and maintenance. It is also a flexible solution equally suited for new installations and retrofits, designed to control hydro turbine generators ranging from 2 kW to 20MW along with its auxiliary equipment.

Hydro turbine control and auxilary systems…

Delomatic hydro features

  • Hydro Turbine Controller for Parallel with Mains or Stand-alone Generator
    • Speed and Load Control
    • Valve Controls (main/drain/fill)
    • Water Level Control
    • Turbine control, auxiliary control, protection and supervision
    • Generator control, Auto synchronisation protection and supervision
    • Dedicated HMI touch screen operator panel

DEIF’s hydro control systems are not only suitable for new installations, but also can be used to upgrade existing plants that can give you following key benefits.


DEIF India has supplied control systems for hydro projects with total 150 MW of capacity all over the world for various types of hydro installations.

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