Indian DISCOMs performances have started improving

At present, India is the third largest producer and consumer of electricity worldwide. The country is passing through the trajectory of a massive all-round growth plan, where reliable and affordable power supply has a significant role to play. I am glad to note that our prudent power minister has been keeping strong vigilance on this aspect.

In the recent Review Planning & Monitoring (RPM) meeting with States and State Power Utilities, power minister R. K. Singh has emphasized on the importance of a viable and modern Power Sector in the overall economic growth of the country. He has also stressed on the 24 x 7 quality, reliable and affordable power supply to all the electricity consumers in the country.

It is good to note that most of the DISCOMs have started implementing the reform measures prescribed by Ministry of Power (MoP) under its various initiatives like the Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS), Additional Prudential Norms and Late Payment Surcharge (LPS) Rules 2022.

One of the most appreciable – and long awaited thing is – during the meeting, the power minister has launched the RDSS module of Integrated Web Portal for Power Distribution Sector Schemes. It is expected that the portal will revolutionize the monitoring of all Distribution Sector schemes. This innovative platform will provide real-time updates and insights into the implementation of power distribution schemes including RDSS, enabling transparency and efficiency.

As it surfaced in the review meeting, the integrated ratings of 24 DISCOMs have improved from previous year ratings. Although the present government’s actions are often criticised by the opposition parties, as far as the Indian Power Sector is concerned, steps taken by this government have already started yielding positive results.

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