INTEGRATED Engineering Software, Winnipeg, Canada

INTEGRATED Engineering Software, Winnipeg, Canada is a leading developer of complete solutions for electrical engineering and scientific designs. INTEGRATED offers a complete toolbox to high voltage designers with applications such as: Transmission lines, Insulators, Power Generation/Utility, Power Transmission and Distribution, Power Systems, Transformers, Switchgears, and Bushings to name a few. For over 35 years, satisfied customers such as Siemens, LAPP Insulators, Hubbell Power Systems, Nexans, 3M, Maclean Power Systems, and NASA have relied on INTEGRATED to significantly reduce design and prototype costs while increasing quality and reliability. INTEGRATED provides engineers and scientists with greater insight into their design optimization and verification, which ultimately improves their bottom line.

INTEGRATED is the industry leader in Boundary Element Method (BEM) CAE software. BEM not only provides the most accurate numerical field solutions, but it is also the method of choice for problems involving the modeling of space around the device: that is what we call “large open regions”. Today, no one else in the market offers such a variety of field solvers within the same software packages (BEM, FEM and FDTD). INTEGRATED takes pride in its achievement of combining state of the art technology with quick, responsive customer service and support.

INTEGRATED’s software delivers a wide range of advantages:

  • The maximum versatility of field solvers finds the best option for each specific application: choose from Boundary Element Method and Finite Element Method (both in the same package at no extra-cost) and Finite Difference Time Domain Method.
  • The best optimization tool for each particular design, including: parametric analysis, scripting or Application Programming Interface (API).

In addition, multithreading (or parallelization) capability is included in the software package at no extra cost.

Our software programs come complete and ready to use. There is no need to purchase additional modules or options; all programs are fully functional CAE tools.

INTEGRATED’s commitment is to provide designers with the most sophisticated analysis tools to assist them in the creation of the future. It is staffed with leading R&D engineers in areas such as electrical engineering, magnetics, and high frequency applications. Our software programs are used in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, automotive, medical, telecommunications, power
and aerospace markets, as well as universities and research laboratories.

INTEGRATED’s programs allow engineers and scientists to reduce design cycles, save time and money, and deliver more efficient products to the market, faster than ever before.

The Boundary Element Method (BEM), created by INTEGRATED’s pioneers, has been the best option in terms of solvers for engineers and scientists working on open region applications.

The Finite Element Method (FEM) is also included in the same software package, given that some applications perform better when using one solver instead of another. Our customers have the option to select the solver that better fits their needs. In the same package, at the same cost, we offer the option not only to choose the best solver for each specific application, but also to compare results.

Specific products offered are:

  • Electro and Coulomb for 2D/3D electric field modeling.
  • Magneto and Amperes for 2D/3D magnetic field modeling.
  • Oersted and Faraday for 2D/3D time-harmonic and eddy current field modeling.
  • Lorentz for 2D/3D charged particle and beam modeling in the presence of both electric and magnetic fields.
  • Singula for 3D high frequency full wave field modeling.
  • Kelvin, Celsius and Elasto provide thermal/mechanical modeling and are used in conjunction with IES’ electromagnetic modeling tools.





Dr. Amandeep Bal, has been working in INTEGRATED Engineering Software for the last 05 years. She obtained her Ph.D. in 2014 from Guru Nanak Dev University, Punjab, India and currently she is one of the members of INTEGRATED’S Technical Support Team. She also acts as a liaison between INTEGRATED’s sales/marketing and software development team.

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