Smooth supply of coal will ensure uninterrupted operations in the Indian TPPs leading to seamless power supply…

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Recently, the Secretary, Union Ministry of Power, Alok Kumar, reviewed the report of the Core Management Team (CMT). The CMT comprises representatives from Ministry of Power (MoP), Central Electricity Authority (CEA), Coal India Limited (CIL) and Railways to ensure daily close monitoring of coal stock position at Thermal Power Plants (TPPs). Based on his report a few important decisions have been taken.

It was found that the regulation of the coal to the power plants having more than 15 days’ stock, would free up around 1.77 lakh tone of coal from 26 stations. This coal has been redistributed to the plants having super critical and critical coal stocks at power plants.

The second unit of NTPC Daralipali will achieve commercial operation from 00:00 hrs of 1st Sept 2021, and thus additional 800 MW generation will be added in the total fleet.

The Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) would be clearing dues to the tune of Rs.1200 crores to the different CIL subsidiaries, which will augment the coal supply to different plants of DVC.

The 1000 MW Kudankulam nuclear power station will be back on bar before 2nd September, 2021 and replace some portion of coal generation.

Around 6,000 MW capacity of thermal power plants at western coast at Mundra designed on imported coal have around 30 days of coal stock and are not supplying power due to PPA related issues. The issues will be addressed soon.

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