JEMC: Supplying Electrical Equipment Since 1967

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JEMC: Supplying Electrical Equipment Since 1967

Jindal Electric & Machinery Corporation (JEMC) is manufacturing Automatic Voltage Controllers (AVC) and rectifiers for electroplating or hydrogenation and also special purpose transformers for industrial applications. Since 1967, the company has supplied AVCs above 100 KVA capacity and rectifiers to different type of industries or reputed corporate houses throughout India as well as overseas markets.

Solution to reduce failure rate of electrical equipment

Voltage variation is a common phenomenon and the input voltage is generally low during day time and high during night hours. In addition, during certain days or period the voltage is either very low or very high due to the reasons like holidays, peak hours, rainy days, agriculture load and weather conditions.

In India, all electrical equipment are designed for 230 or 400 V single- or three-phase and they operate with optimum efficiency at rated voltage only.


It is suggested to install data logger at premises from which the computerised print-out of voltage variation can be provided.


AVC is an industrial robot which continuously monitors the voltage variation round the clock and whenever there is any voltage fluctuation, it rectifies to the desired level in few seconds.

The basic purpose of AVC is to maintain the desired voltage and to reduce the breakdown of electrical equipment due to low or high-voltage. Power saving and reduction in MDI and improvement in Power Factor will be an added advantage at high voltage.

Payback period Capital and interest reduction in breakdown of electrical equipment and energy savings will be 4-8 times of the capital and interest cost. The payback period is within 6-12 months depending upon the voltage variation and working hours.

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