Raising the bar of Engineering Excellence

- K. K. Kelaiya, Founder & Head, System Protection TPL, Baraka EPL

Given the bearish turn that the markets have taken post-covid, not just in India, but globally, has required entrepreneurs and business stakeholders to tighten the ship in all aspects, so that they can weather the storm. This often leads to the opportunity to not just clean the house, but often reset and put in place new processes that can lead to compounding results in productivity and gains in the coming years.

Many industries are raising the bar of operational excellence and not just protect and maintain their assets, but also continue to grow the bottom line.

As the push for identifying areas for improvement starts, we at System Protection, have often been consulted by our clients on strategic identification of critical assets and dependencies in ensuring stable and no-downtime operations. Across several industries – cement, metal, chemical, oil & gas, FMCG, renewables and more – we have helped our clients by providing intelligent insights with our detailed audits, protection studies, inspection, diagnostic checks combined with periodic maintenance to document the overall health of their own systems, and thus their processes. To then mitigate risk, we have worked with them deeply to change and optimise their operations with new philosophies that shift the stance to proactive measures. This along with strong reactive measures already in place ensure that the downtime risk is minimised, and even when it occurs fault identification and resolutions happen very quickly.

With budgets cuts in place, our clients have often come back with a longer list of requirements but with curtailed budgets. Of course, they put us in a tough spot. But given that we aim to ensure that our clients can run their businesses very smoothly, we have created a collaborative approach of work where our team of domain experts work with the client teams very closely to optimise and address appropriately, even with curtailed budgets. Those in managerial and leadership positions have expressed great impact and increased ROI within their teams after having worked with us as opposed to their teams just going through theoretical training and upskilling.

“After having worked with the System Protection Team on a few issues, we realized that we were trying to optimise for short-term costs, but instead having worked with domain-experts, we have now significantly improved reliability of all our power systems saving plenty of more money on total cost of operations and maintenance.” These are the kind of references that we hope to continue to get from our clients, said Mr. KK Kelaiya.

Post-Covid, we have specialised and focused on finding cost effective solutions for our clients through retrofitting and new techniques in maintenance engineering. With a 3600 approach, some of our annual maintenance offerings with select clients include detailed diagnostics and power quality audits. With diagnostic results, we have not only fixed problems before they happen, but have also worked closely with our clients to strengthen their maintenance schedules and checklists to minimise the risk.

Our newest business vertical includes leasing of our assets – testing, inspection and diagnostic devices – from industry leaders like Megger, Omicron, Kyoritsu, etc. With a very cost-effective short-term project-based asset leasing model, the field staff within the companies have been able to utilise the equipment as resources and help this industry to grow as a whole.

High Impact Work for our Clients

Quite recently, our team was called urgently to a client site in Chhattisgarh to identify the root cause of failure of their 10 MW, 11 kV Generator. In a short period of time, our team figured out that the Relay and GCB were tripped on NPS protection, which is unusual since it’s the last line of defence. Through a detailed analysis and root-cause tracing, NCT wiring was found to be the culprit for the Generator and Stator burn-out. Additionally, it was discovered that 51S (Stator EF Protection) did not operate due to non-wiring of the NCT secondary to Relay, and various configuration related issues in many relays. All this analysis and remediation eventually helped save two generators deployed at the site saving on huge costs.

With the continuous learning approach, our job does not just end here. We compile all the data and publish Case Studies to help industry learn from such events. From the feedback of our clients, sharing of this knowledge has saved many electrical assets such as Generators, Transformers, Motors, etc.

We have aligned our mode of operations to be available 24 x 7 for all emergencies to our clients. Our team has been deployed on field in less than 2 hours on many occasions. Where needed and possible, our expert teams have also helped clients get many issues resolved on phone, and we have made special door-deliveries by our own engineers of items urgently required.

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