KEC International wins new orders of Rs 1,806 cr

KEC International has secured new orders of Rs 1,806 crore across its various businesses.

Railways: The Railway business has secured orders of Rs 1,303 crore in India including orders for overhead electrification of railway lines and associated civil works and construction of road over bridges (ROBs), roadbeds, major and minor bridges.

Transmission & Distribution: T&D business and SAE Towers have secured orders of Rs 283 crore for T&D projects in India, East Asia Pacific and the Americas.

Civil: The civil business has secured orders of Rs 63 crore for civil and construction works in India.

Cables: The cables business has secured orders of Rs.157 crore for various types of cables or cabling projects.

Vimal Kejriwal, MD & CEO, KEC International, commented, “We are delighted with the new orders secured across our business verticals, especially, in Railways, which continues to expand its portfolio. The Railway business continues to remain on a high growth trajectory. These large order wins further consolidate our leadership position in this sector.

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