Vistra’s strives to provide Texas with electricity during sudden Winter Storm

Representative image by WikiImages from Pixabay

Vistra strives to provide electricity to its customers through its integrated retail and power generation business especially during this historic winter storm. 

Curt Morgan, CEO, Vistra, said: “Our people have worked around the clock, across the company and especially at our power plants, under difficult circumstances and continue to do so. We know that many of our fellow Texans are without electricity and are suffering through this unprecedented winter weather event. We are committed to doing everything possible to provide electricity to them with the utmost urgency.” 

Vistra is powered by a diverse fleet of generation sources, made up of nuclear, natural gas, coal, solar, and battery energy storage. While the weather has created several challenges, the company’s 18,000 megawatts are producing electricity with the balance of the capacity-constrained with receiving a steady supply of fuel for some plants as well as hurdles with handling fuel already on site given the freezing conditions. Only approximately 1,000 megawatts are currently unable to produce electricity. Luminant, Vistra’s generation subsidiary, is working with the electric utilities, natural gas pipelines and producers, and railroad companies to obtain as much fuel supply as possible. 

Power plant teams executed a significant winter preparedness strategy to keep electricity flowing to the Texas power grid during this unprecedented, extended winter weather event. 

Luminant has a winter weather preparedness process that includes an extensive checklist of items to review before the start of the season. This process includes installing windbreaks and large radiant heaters to supplement existing freeze protection, insulation and performing preventative maintenance on freeze protection equipment such as the insulation and automatic circuitry designed to keep pipes from freezing. Around-the-clock weather monitoring, especially of critical instruments, occurs as well as coordination with ERCOT, the Public Utilities Commission of Texas, and the Railroad Commission of Texas.

Vistra recognizes that this unprecedented winter weather event in Texas is not over, and we are continuing to focus on taking every action possible to keep our plants online, delivering the maximum electricity possible to Texans.

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