Kansai’s second onshore wind farm in Finland has 36 wind turbines with a total power output of approximately 221 MW…

The Alajärvi onshore wind project has commenced its commercial operation on December 21, 2023. The project will operate two onshore wind farms, Louhukangas and Möksy, with the total capacity of 220.6 MW – which is one of the largest onshore wind projects operating in Finland. It is the tenth overseas renewable energy project – and the fourth onshore wind power project in which Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. (Kansai) has participated and started its commercial operation.

Kansai will further strengthen its technological capabilities and expertise cultivated through this project – and is firmly committed to promoting energy businesses that contribute to achieving a zero-carbon society across the world.

In 1951, Kansai Electric Power Co. (KEPCO) was established upon restructuring of power business.

In 1961, the company successfully used world’s first balloon construct method to set up power transmission line crossing the Naruto Strait, Japan.

KEPCO’s first pumped storage power station, the Mio Power Station, went into operation in 1964. The company’s first nuclear power plant, Mihama Nuclear Power Station Unit 1 (340MW) went into operation in 1970. In July 1970, it made operational Japan’s first recirculating pumped storage power plant, Kisenyama Power Station Units 1 and 2 (233MW each).

In 2010, Kansai Electric Power Group Long-term Growth Strategy toward 2030 was announced.

In 2012, KEPCO’s first wind farm, Awaji Wind Power Station, went into operation. In 2020, the ‘Zero Carbon Vision 2050’ of the group was drafted.

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