“Kusam-meco” digital trms multimeter model – KM 869

KUSAM-MECO has introduced a new Digital TRMS Multimeter Model KM-869. It has features, functions & ranges never seen before in one Digital Multimeter. Truly it is the ULTIMATE in DMMS. It has 50,000/ 5,00,000 counts large LCD display with 5/sec update rate. It can measure fundamental Voltage & frequency of most Variable Frequency Drives. It has CAT IV 1 KV High Safety transient protection.

The DMM has unbeatable 100 KHz DC + AC Performance & VFD features. It has high
basic accuracy of 0.02% (DCV) and Resolution 1µV DC. It has Auto & manual ranging functions. To provide clear reading of the displayed value in the dark, it has paper white backlight display. It measures Digital Logic Level Duty Cycle %, also measures Digital
Logic level frequency up to 1 MHz. The Voltage measurement is up to 1000 V AC/DC with high impedance, Also it can measure Noisy High Voltage AC Frequencies up to 200 KHz in dual display. It has dB function with 20 selectable reference impedance values. It has PC interface capability with optional purchase of USB Cable with Data recording software. It is protected against improper A-terminal plug in by audible & visible warning. It has 2 channels of Temperature measurements T1 & T2 & also it measures T1-T2. It has Diode Test, Data Hold, Max, Min. Avg. reading function.

It can also read Conductance thereby virtually extending the Resistance measurement to the order of Gigaohms (very useful for leakage measurements). It can do continuity tests at very fast speed. For process control industry it displays the process parameter in range 0-100% for 4-20 mA Input. It has high speed Capacitance measurement function up to 25mF. It measures AC & DC Current up to 10 Amps. It has transient protection up to 12 KV (1.2/50µs) Providing excellent protections for those who are safety conscious. It comes with a protective Holster. It has fire retardant case. Optional magnetic hanger is also available.

For further information: Email: sales@kusam-meco.co.in
Website: www.kusamelectrical.com

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