“Kusam-Meco” True RMS Digital Clampmeter Model KM 2719

KUSAM-MECO has introduced a new Clampmeter Model KM 2719 which is an upgraded version of their earlier Model KM-2718. The instrument is suitable for HVAC measurements. The new Clampmeter has 11 functions & 37 Ranges. It has 4000 counts display. The Measurement is True RMS measurement. It measures AC current upto 400 ampers (frequency response 50Hz -100Hz). It has AC Voltage range upto 600 Volts (Frequency response 10Hz – 10KHz) with a resolution 1mV. It has DC Voltage Range upto 600 Volts with resolution 0.1mV. The Resistance measuring range is 40 mega with a resolution 0.1
Ohm. The Capacitance range is upto 4.000 mF with a resolution of 0.001 nF. It also has Diode & Continuity test function. It can measure Frequency upto 10MHz with resolution 0.01Hz. It also has Temperature measurement function with K-type Thermocouple having range upto 1000 degree C. The Thermocouple supplied along with the clampmeter is suitable upto 250 degree C. Additionally it has Non-Contact Voltage Detection function.

The Jaw opening is 28mm diameter. Over load input signal is displayed by “OL”. If there is no operation of any function switch or any button for 15 minutes the instrument will be automatically power off. It is light in weight (approximately 248g including batteries). The clampmeter is supplied with Test lead, Battery, User Manual, K-Type Temperature Probe range upto 250 degree C & Carrying case. Optionally, thermocouple upto 1000 degree C can be supplied.

For further information: E-mail: sales@kusam-meco.co.in, Website:www.kusamelectrical.com

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