Li-ON 1250, the first in the Li-ON series…

Luminous Power Technologies has launched a new inverter series “Li-ON”, an integrated Inverter with Lithium-ion batteries. The new series built on Li-ion batteries, touted as the future of the power storage business, aligns with the idea of an ‘integrated approach to science and technology, for a sustainable future’, the theme for this year’s National Science Day. The new inverter series is compact, safe, efficient, and provides high-rated performance with zero maintenance.

Commenting on the launch, Vipul Sabharwal, Managing Director, Luminous Power Technologies, said, “Constantly striving towards quality and performance excellence, we are proud of our ability to create ground-breaking products that are not only innovative but also better for our environment. With the new series, we are also addressing the pressing needs for minimizing the carbon footprint with reduced CO2 emissions. Our aim is to provide our customers with an experience that’s essential in the post-pandemic era, as we need to stay connected and rely on an ‘always-on’ support system. Li-ON is attractive, compact, safe, and efficient, with a long-lasting battery that requires negligible maintenance. It is certainly a game-changing power backup system.”

Li-ON 1250, the first in the Li-ON series, will be offered as a single unit with an inverter and integrated Li-ion battery encapsulated in an elegantly designed premium cabinet. With the new Li-ON battery, the Li-ON series of inverters promise enhanced performance with an extended battery life that is 3 times better than conventional battery-based inverters.

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