New igus online tool enables a quick configuration of harnessed energy chain systems

e-chain expert: ready-to-connect energy supply system easily configured online.

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New igus online tool enables a quick configuration of harnessed energy chain systems

Quick and easy configuration of complete energy supply systems now ensured by the igus e-chain expert. With the newly developed online tool, users can design their own guaranteed ready-to-connect energy chain system, in just a few steps. Here, the interior separation is made automatically and the user receives reliable information on the durability of the energy chain and cables used. This allows the customer to easily choose the most cost-effective system which fits their application.

The quick way to a ready-to-connect energy chain is made even easier with the igus e-chain expert. With the aid of the new free-of-charge and freely accessible online tool, users can design their energy chain system using a smartphone, tablet or a desktop computer. Whether an unsupported, gliding or hanging application, the configurator determines the energy chain that is optimally suited. To do this, the user simply has to open the e-chain expert select the unharnessed or harnessed cables, enter the application and environmental parameters, decide on the appropriate energy chain from a pre-selection and configure it. In the energy chain configurator, the user can choose from over 1,300 highly flexible chainflex cables tested by igus as well as over 4,200 harnessed readycable drive cables. These are tested and, like all igus cables, come with a 36-month guarantee. On the basis of the specified cables and the application data such as installation space, movement and environment of the energy chain, the customer can choose from a selection of 150,000 e-chain parts for the most cost-effective solution. All igus products are tested in the company’s own 3,800 square metre laboratory.

Automatic interior separation and service life calculation
An interior separation configurator is used in the online expert. It uses artificial intelligence or neural networks to determine the appropriate interior separation for the defined cable pool within seconds. Thanks to an integrated service life calculation, both for the energy chain and the individual cables, the customer can quickly and easily choose the most cost-effective system which safely meets their requirements. Another advantage: the intelligent tool constantly checks the configuration for plausibility, so the user can be sure the elements are coordinated.

Configure together as a team and order directly
The user has the opportunity to share the current processing state in the online tool with other people at any time via e-mail or hyperlink. Several team members from different departments can jointly design energy chain systems online, at anytime and anywhere, and process the CAD data. With one click you can download the configuration or put it in the shopping basket on the igus web shop. The ready-to-connect energy chain system can be ordered online as the online tool determines prices and delivery times for every application configuration. Alternatively, the customer can also request an individual offer for their configuration.

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