These marshmallows will roast in seconds, but not GE’s SiC MOSFETs. GE scientists demonstrated devices in the lab that could tolerate temperatures as high as 800 degrees C, which is about as hot as the core of a campfire gets outside on a long summer evening...

A team of scientists from GE Research have set a new record, demonstrating SiC MOSFETs (Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors) that can tolerate temperatures exceeding 800 degrees C. This at least 200 degrees C higher than previously known demonstrations of this technology and shows the potential of SiC MOSFETs to support future applications in extreme operating environments. It also defies what most electronics experts believed was achievable with these devices.

As GE’s Aerospace business looks to continuously improve the state-of-the-art in aviation systems for its existing commercial and military customers and seeks to enable new applications in support of space exploration and hypersonic vehicles, building a portfolio of electronics that can function in extreme operating environments will be essential. For more than three decades, GE has built a world leading portfolio in SiC technology and sells an array of SiC-based electrical power products through the Aerospace business for aerospace, industrial and military applications.

Commenting on the development, Emad Andarawis, a Principal Engineer in Microelectronics at GE Research, said, “Achieving the high temperature threshold with SiC MOSFETs could open a whole new aperture of sensing, actuation and control applications for space exploration and hypersonic vehicles. We know that to break new barriers with space exploration and hypersonic travel, we will need robust, reliable electronics systems that can handle the extreme heat and operating environments. We believe that we have set a record, demonstrating 800 degree C SiC MOSFETS that represents a key milestone toward these mission critical goals.”

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