A single BLDC fan can help consumers save approx. Rs.1600 annually on electricity bills…

Image credit: Orient Electric

Orient Electric Limited, a part of the diversified USD 2.8 billion CK Birla Group, has introduced a complete range of BLDC fans in line with its commitment to bring in energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions for Indian consumers. In comparison to ordinary fans, Orient’s 5-star rated BLDC fans consume up to 50% less energy thus providing significant savings on electricity bills for consumers without compromising on air delivery.

Interestingly, fans that are perceived as inherently economical to operate, account for almost 21% of household energy consumption on an average. Therefore, it is quite rational for consumers to opt for energy-efficient star rated fans and to that end, the highest rated fans are Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) fans, which use permanent magnets for transferring electricity unlike conventional motors that use electromagnetic induction. This means negligible losses in the form of heat along with lesser wear and tear of motor parts, making BLDC fans super energy-efficient and durable.

Commenting on the launch, Rajan Gupta, Managing Director & CEO, Orient Electric Limited, said, “As a responsible brand, we are committed to the cause of energy efficiency and are working closely with institutions like BEE, EESL, etc. to bring in energy efficient and cost-effective solutions for Indian consumers. Also, India’s energy and electricity demand continues to grow which underpins the importance of energy efficiency and conservation.”

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