PC-based control optimises logistics applications

Open control technology for warehouse and distribution logistics.

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PC-based control optimises logistics applications

Beckhoff will present its expertise as a longstanding automation partner for the logistics industry at LogiMat, international trade fair for intralogistics solutions and process management. Open PC and EtherCAT-based control technology is ideally suited for optimising logistics processes and responding to quickly changing market trends. With open interfaces, modularity and scalable performance, it is the perfect fit for intralogistics solutions that are custom-tailored to individual requirements, while delivering technological and economic competitive advantages at the same time. Components for system-integrated connection to the cloud make it easier to implement IoT and Industry 4.0 concepts in smart warehouses.

Due to its openness, PC-based control technology from Beckhoff fulfils the requirements for end-to-end networking of intralogistics, production and distribution to perfection – one of the key challenges in the sector. PC-based control is based on a comprehensive portfolio of advanced Industrial PCs, TwinCAT automation software, EtherCAT as a fast communication system, decentralised I/O components and highly dynamic drive solutions. Integrated, cost-effective and flexible system planning is assured by the performance-driven scalability of the control platform, the flexible support for different fieldbus systems and the same programming and configuration software across all performance classes.

The TwinCAT automation software suite bundles all necessary machine functionalities: from PLC to motion control, robotics, HMI, safety and measurement technology through to integration of vision systems and cloud solutions. Open interfaces allow effortless integration of control functions into existing system and database structures.

With support for standardised protocols, such as OPC UA, Beckhoff provides the prerequisites for implementing secure cloud communication in the smart warehouse. Users benefit from the openness of the control architecture also in this respect, for example through the unrestricted choice of cloud solution. All systems concerned – from I/O level to warehouse management and eCommerce software – can be fully connected.

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