Plan to have trade partners in every major country: KVTEK

"Due to unreliability and lack of quality of test equipment coming from China, most quality conscious customers have started shying away from Chinese equipment and KVTEK has been the major beneficiary of this development…" shares Anil Uppal, CEO, KVTEK Power Systems Pvt Ltd

KVTEK’s Business in 2019
KVTEK in the last one year has shown significant improvement in their business and are expecting to increase their sales turnover by 50 per cent – 70 per cent as compared to the sales turnover of last financial year.

This year KVTEK has manufactured and successfully tested the world’s largest Static Frequency Converter of 6 MVA specifically designed for testing large power transformers of 500 MVA rating. This will add growth to our business in the coming years.

Additionally, KVTEK is in the process of manufacturing fully-automated system for the voltage seasoning of vacuum interrupter bottles for Siemens. This is fully-customised system built to the Siemens specifications and is completely designed and manufactured by KVTEK indigenously. This will be the first such project in India which should help them secure more business in the coming years from other vacuum interrupter bottle manufacturers.

The other significant step which KVTEK has taken this year is that now they have an inhouse NABL accredited calibration laboratory. This adds lot of depth to their business as they are able to supply all test equipment manufactured with NABL accredited calibration certificate which adds lot of value to their customers as this helps them to get their test labs NABL accredited.

Future Roadmap
KVTEK after establishing its footprint in Indian market is now focused on expanding business across the globe. Till date KVTEK has succeeded in exporting their test and measuring solutions to 17 countries and are now in the process of adding 5 more countries every year. KVTEK is working aggressively in making formal tie-ups with trade partners in the selected countries who in turn will help KVTEK promote their products in their specific countries. Our plan is to have trade partners in every major country in the next decade so that we can cater to the requirements of entire world market in the field of HV test and measuring solutions.

KVTEK’s current business of manufacturing HV test and measuring equipment for the electrical equipment manufacturers, often requires lot of customisation which requires a lot of R&D work for each project. This increases the turnaround time of each project significantly thus limits the growth options.

To overcome this challenge, KVTEK is also diversifying to cater to the Indian Railways and Metro Railways requirement of frequency converters. Railways is the single largest consumer of frequency converters; KVTEK will be investing lot of quality time in the coming years to make their static frequency converters suitable for Railways application and their specifications, especially, keeping in mind the converter has to go through harsh environmental conditions and vibrations.

This should open much bigger market for the KVTEK business and will add significantly to the growth to KVTEK business in coming years.

Key Differentiators
HV test and measuring equipment market is a very niche market with very limited number of customers but the main advantage of this business is that there is hardly any competition in it as this is a high technology business which requires lot of R&D time with a very limited customer base.

For the type of equipment manufactured by KVTEK, they do not have any competitor in India. The main competition is with manufacturers based out of China, Europe and the US. Historically, these test equipment were imported from Europe or the US only as there was no other alternative and the products were really expensive. In late 90s or early 2000, there was sudden emergence of Chinese suppliers in this field and as a result of which European and the US suppliers practically lost their major share of business to them as they were unable to compete with them on price.

Due to unreliability and lack of quality of test equipment coming from China, most quality conscious customers have started shying away from Chinese equipment and KVTEK has been the major beneficiary of this development as KVTEK is able to provide these test equipment which are comparable with European or the US products in terms of quality and modernity and at the same time are priced much more competitively. The other main advantage for all customers especially within India is that no foreign supplier is able to meet the required level of after-sales service which KVTEK is able to provide being locally present.

KVTEK is participating in ELECRAMA 2020 and their stall number A11 is located in Hall 3 and the size of stall is 96 sq. mtrs. KVTEK has been regularly participating in ELECRAMA since 2012 and this participation has immensely helped them in creating the brand value and market both in India and abroad.

Considering the fact that ELECRAMA is single largest exhibition in Power sector, it helps in meeting all your past, present and future customers in a short span of 5 days.