KEC International aims 15% YoY revenue growth

KEC International Ltd, the flagship company of the RPG Group, is an Indian multinational infrastructure EPC major. In an interview with Subhajit Roy, KEC’s President Neeraj Kumar Nanda gives an overview of the industry and the company’s future roadmap.

Could you share a brief overview of the industry?
T&D industry is migrating to higher transmission voltages of upto 1,200 kV, new technologies for bulk power transmission are being worked upon, High Capacity Power Transmission Corridors (HCPTCs) are being developed. Monopoles and advanced conductor technologies like HTLS conductors,overed Conductors, etc., are playing a crucial role in resolving issues related to Right of Way (RoW). In Substations, advanced technologies like Gas Insulated Substations (GIS) are being embarked upon. On project execution front, there is greater emphasis on new or innovative designs, solutions and modern construction technologies involving a high degree of mechanisation and digitisation. Enhanced project management techniques are being implemented, right from project planning to execution/ commissioning to attaining commercial closure. Public-private collaboration is gaining strong ground in coming years. The PPP model shall continue to enhance in central transmission schemes, while it is yet to be proven in states.

There is limited action in 765kV category since the grids across regions are already integrated; however, with limited utilisation in terms of their capacities. As the government plans to enhance its renewable power installation base and along with requisite synergies, the market shall gain traction in near future. Renewable energy (RE), especially solar, will be a key driver for generation going forward. With the central government articulating its vision for reliable and uninterrupted power supply to households in its second term, storage holds the key for providing on-demand electricity from wind and solar projects. At state level, there shall be huge uptake for transmission network required, which shall direct the emphasis on augmenting the infrastructure.

Smart grid initiative shall require focus on integration of localised or micro smart grids to the main grid. There is massive impetus on electric vehicle initiative towards zero emission mobility. With National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) in place and schemes like FAME powering the initiative, huge set-up of charging infrastructure is expected in next 1-2 years, thereby, enhancing power demand. Technologies like wireless transmission would be seen taking more firm shape in time to come.

What’s your future target?
KEC has been working and targeting a year-on-year revenue
growth of around 15 per cent and we have been able to achieve that. The consistent growth in both revenue and profitability reflects a strong performance amidst global uncertainties owing to our robust and well diversified order book.


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