As the largest energy group in Poland, PGE will develop its experience and competence in the offshore sector, cooperating with the best…

Pge Capital Group
Image by makunin from pixabay

Recently, the PGE Capital Group, which is Poland’s largest energy sector company with respect to sales revenues and net profit, has declared its new strategy. According to the available information, one of the pillars of the Group’s new strategy will be the construction of offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea region that has a very high potential.

The PGE Group’s Offshore Programme comprises the construction of three wind farms in the Baltic Sea with a total capacity of up to 3.5 GW, 2.5 GW of which will be built by 2030. Drawing attention on the significance of their decision, Wojciech Dąbrowski, President of the Management Board of PGE, said, “The PGE Group’s Offshore Program is a huge investment, but it is not our last word either. We are planning further development in this direction in other concession areas, because offshore wind farms will be the driving force behind PGE’s neutrality, which the PGE Group will achieve in 2050”

“PGE’s investments in offshore wind energy will be accompanied by a complementary project, i.e., a programme to build large-scale energy storage facilities. We have been working on it since I became President of the Management Board of PGE in February 2020. Excess energy from RES, which we cannot use at the moment, should be stored in such large-scale installations,” he added.

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