Rishabh + Industry 4.0

Rishabh Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is an organisation that has built its core competence in manufacturing, design and development of test and measuring instruments and industrial control products on strong fundamentals in terms of people, infrastructure and financial. The company provides a hands-on, value driven, professional environment considering people as its most important asset.

Rishabh has grown. The company partnered with best global brands and gained tremendous mileage through technology transfers. Now their product basket includes more than 25 product lines-covering more than 250 products.

R&D team at Rishabh is constantly looking for newer technologies and are proud of over 500 implementations of next generation IIoT software – marc. The company also offers an on-premise version – marc.desktop which they have supplied to reputed organisations like ISRO, BARC, HAL, MSRTCL, LG, Tata Motors, Cipla, Abbott, Kalyani Steel, Britannia, and Reliance.

marc is Rishabh’s next generation IIoT platform with build-in apps for assets and types of equipment for managing up-time, efficiency, productivity, condition monitoring, control, preventive and predictive maintenance for demand-side management of system and process parameter monitoring. It is designed to handle quantitative and qualitative data to provide users with an in-depth analysis and insight into their systems enabling them with possibilities for optimisation, OPEX savings, and building efficiency in their networks.

The added value addition provided by the system is its problem diagnosis engine based on the trends and data mining of historical data in Cloud of an asset preventing expensive downtimes and breakdown of machines, motors, transformers and other loads. The Cloud version directly takes data over GSM from Rishabh marc.gateways or directly inbuilt GSM communication in energy meters. This data is being pushed on our marc.cloud where customers can view live data and reports on iOS, Android and web apps and do historical data analysis along with alarms and notification.

Rishabh has implemented projects not only in energy but in water and plant/equipment monitoring and they have over 800 live devices of solar inverters across the globe.

Marc platform is capable to configure all the parameters of WAGES (Water, Air, Gas, Energy & Steam) and top of it, this platform is parameter and device agnostics with multi-language features for each user.

User can connect their devices and leverage Rishabh’s Cloud for real-time data monitoring across the globe over GSM especially beneficial in multi plant architecture and multisite scenarios with multi license with different authorisation (User and Admin).

Along with the real time data monitoring, a customer can get multiple types of report of historical data for analysis with different time intervals with auto-mail features.

In addition, user can monitor individual parameter of individual node with the help of alarms and notification by setting customised arithmetic equation and getting the response from marc in terms of SMS and e-mail.

Rishabh believes that data is the new oil and as a company they are aligned to support their customers with the evolving industry trends.

For more information, visit www.rishabh.co.in