Sensata msg-2 suspension pressure sensor…

Sensata Technologies, a global industrial technology company and leading provider of sensors, sensor-rich solutions and electrical protection devices used in mission-critical systems, has recently declared a significant milestone in its ongoing pursuit of technological excellence. The company has secured a strategic business win from a global automotive systems and components manufacturer – to develop a suspension pressure sensor tailored for an electric vehicles’ Active Suspension System (ASS).

In the ever-evolving landscape of Electric Vehicles (EVs), the integration of Active Suspension Systems marks a transformative leap in ride quality, comfort, and safety. These advanced systems, built on electrohydraulic frameworks, dynamically adapt to the ever-changing conditions of the road, ensuring a smoother, more controlled ride for passengers.

Unlike conventional suspensions, these systems respond swiftly to disruptions identified by the controller, significantly reducing body roll and pitch. This leads to enhanced handling, stability, and safety, especially in critical driving scenarios. The result is a premium driving experience, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

Commenting on the recent opportunity Jing Chang, SVP, Asia, Performance Sensing and Sensing Solutions, at Sensata Technologies, said, “As the automotive industry embraces electrification, it’s crucial to not only revolutionize powertrains but also elevate the driving experience. Active Suspension Systems in EVs are pivotal in achieving this goal. Our team takes great pride in being a part of this venture towards delivering top-tier comfort and advancing safety features for the next generation of vehicles.”

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