Special Electricity Court in Rohini convicts and penalizes Tata Power-DDL’s consumer

The Special Electricity Court convicts and penalized Manoj Kumar with six months imprisonment and civil liability of Rs. 2,20, 486/-, finding him guilty for the direct theft by tapping the electrical wires.

Special Electricity Court
Image by QuinceCreative from pixabay

The Hon’ble Special Electricity Court in Rohini, Delhi convicted and penalized Manoj Kumar, Resident of Bangera, Narela with 6 months of imprisonment post finding him guilty for the direct theft by tapping the electrical wires under Section 135 of The Electricity Act. 2003.

Civil liability of Rs. 2,20, 486/- was approved by the court for the electricity theft that Tata Power-DDL would recover from the convicted consumer. The order was passed, by Rajesh Malik, Hon’ble Additional Sessions Judge (Electricity), District North West, Rohini.

The Court held on a deterrence perspective of discouraging such heinous crimes with stringent punishment as electricity is a basic need and therefore, continuous supply needs to be maintained, for the consumers at large.

Ganesh Srinivasan, CEO, Tata Power-DDL said: “We at Tata Power Delhi Distribution have been working incessantly towards providing our consumers with 24×7 power supply even during the pandemic but at the same time have to bear huge losses due to electricity theft. We believe that unscrupulous consumers who indulge in power theft should be dealt with the utmost strictness. We laud the judgement of the Hon’ble Special Electricity Court and, urge all our consumers to take legitimate electricity connections and pay their bills on time to avail uninterrupted power supply.”

Tata Power-DDL is working on methods to curb the AT&C (Aggregate Technical and Commercial) losses in power theft-prone areas and control the menace with strict measures. The company is also keeping a close watch on the violators. The company is deploying technology to track power theft and has installed AMR (Automated Meter Reading) based energy systems at distribution transformers for accurate readings.

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