Combining advanced energy storage solutions with Athena, Stem enables optimization of energy use by automatically switching between battery power, onsite generation and grid power...

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Stem Inc (Stem), a global leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven clean energy storage systems, will provide smart energy storage services to Today’s Power Inc (TPI), a renewable energy company based in North Little Rock, Ark. TPI develops, owns and operates renewable energy assets.

As a certified partner in Stem’s Partner Program, TPI will leverage Stem’s smart energy storage solution to deliver energy flexibility in electric cooperative projects, starting in Northwest Arkansas.

The partnership will enable TPI’s customers and the large number of electric cooperatives that are adopting solar and battery storage to take advantage of the benefits of smart energy storage systems. These systems are designed to enhance solar facilities, reduce wholesale demand charges and maximize energy savings for electric cooperatives, helping provide rate stability for members.

TPI builds, owns, and operates their projects, while Stem will provide the turnkey smart storage solution for those systems. Stem’s solution for electric cooperatives and other utilities includes its Athena smart storage software, battery hardware procurement, an interface for the utility to schedule battery dispatch in real time or ahead of time, monitoring network operation center services, and the capability for TPI to monitor battery status and historical performance data.

In December 2020, TPI announced a 2.7 megawatt (MW) solar park project with 7 MW / 14 mMegawatt-hours (MWh) of energy storage for Ozarks Electric Cooperative, which will be optimized by Stem’s smart storage software.

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