The new thermal imager testo 883

Advanced assistance for those who work in predictive maintenance, condition monitoring and facility management...

Measuring technology expert Testo is offering efficient assistance to its customers involved in predictive maintenance and facility management, in the form of the new thermal imager testo 883. This thermal imager, which offers the best image quality and automatic image management, was developed, and manufactured entirely in Germany. This remarkable camera greatly reduces the day-to-day workload of those who specialize in the efficient operation of plants.

Maintenance makes all the difference

In the day-to-day work, maintenance, safety auditors and facility management experts can make all the difference between experiencing a successful day with achieved production targets or less productive days with losses due to unplanned downtime. To add to that, their work is made more difficult by constant high time pressures, administrative and documentation efforts that are not very often productive and inadequate tools could be a challenge too. That is the reason why the experts require the best maintenance equipment.

The image quality is what matters

The testo 883 thermal imager offers an infrared resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, which can even be expanded up to 640 x 480 pixels with the built-in testo SuperResolution technology. And the manual focus always guarantees the user full control of the thermal image.

Automatic image management

A typical problem in maintenance occurs due to a lot of similar measuring objects, for example, from switch cabinets a lot of similar thermal images can be obtained during inspection. In order to clearly allocate the images after an inspection, earlier it was necessary to create elaborate lists or add a voice comment to each thermal image. Testo Site Recognition technology solves this problem by automatically recognizing the measuring location and saving and managing the thermal images.

Networked working

The testo 883 thermal imager integrates seamlessly into Testo’s digital measuring technology portfolio. With the testo Thermography App, thermal images can be quickly analysed on a smartphone/tablet or shared with colleagues, decision makers and managers. Readings from the testo 770-3 clamp meter and testo 605i smart thermo-hygrometer are also integrated directly into the thermal image.

Application areas

Early identification of imminent malfunctions, wears, damages or defects on plants and machines is critical and same goes for electrical components like switching cabinets. Similarly, serious threats like hotspots, short circuits, cracks, corrosions can jeopardize the power output of solar PV plants and its components. For such predictive maintenance application, Wi-Fi enabled testo 883 is the ideal instrument.

Health of a building, construction quality, improper heat transfer, leaks, cracks, or moulds in the structure can also be easily monitored.

The testo 883 thermal imager is available as a separate instrument or in a kit with telephoto lens, additional battery and charging station, from specialist dealers or directly from   

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