In Odisha, to ensure faster restoration of power supply, TPCODL’s SCADA system has been made operational…

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Odisha generates power more than the state’s requirement from its Hydro, Thermal and Renewable sources of energy. It is therefore important for this power surplus state to be governed by an efficient power distribution company in order to reduce aggregate technical and commercial losses and ensure a reliable and quality power supply. Prompted by this need, CESU’s management underwent a significant transformation under the leadership of TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited (TPCODL), a Joint Venture between Tata Power and the Government of Odisha within a short span of six months.

TPCODLs focus lies in developing a healthy network for the High Transmission (HT) and Low Transmission (LT) lines, which have been going through technical losses and are also less reliable as they are long lines, were subject to lesser maintenance and were running through bushes and vegetations. For this, the company identified and focused on the top 10 tripping feeders with lesser reliability and are taking appropriate measures to improve their performance & enhance reliability.

Furthermore, with a customer centric approach, TPCODL has set a new example, which aims at enhancing all the aspects of customer services with smooth and efficient power distribution in CESU’s operational areas. It has partnered with a few maintenance service companies to carry out systematic preventive & predictive maintenance of its distribution substation & network. It is also geared up to attend the faults 24 x 7 and provide reliable power round the clock by strengthening divisional & sections work forces.


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