The company has expertise in prestigious works spanning around tunneling, underground works for hydropower generation, irrigation and urban infrastructure projects…

Representative image by soukmano from pixabay

Patel Engineering, an ISO 9001:2008 civil construction company focused on hydropower sector, has recently received a contract worth Rs 1,564.42 crore. The company will build the 2,000 MW Subansiri Lower Hydro Electric Project (HEP) in Arunachal Pradesh. It will be the single largest hydro power generation project in India. Contextually, Patel Engineering is the only Indian Company with experience in RCC, Micro Tunnelling and Double Take Tap Work. Patel Engineering has been able to obtain this project and even mobilize the same during this Covid-19 Pandemic.

The project is located at Village Kolaptukar in Kamle (formerly Lower Subansiri) district of Arunachal Pradesh. It consists of balance civil works of Power House Complex including HRT Intake Structures, Tail Race Channel etc., with the following main components: Construction of 8 nos. HRT intake structures;  Construction of 8 nos. 9.5 m diameter horseshoe shaped Head race tunnels with lengths varying from 610 m to 1170 m; Construction of 8 nos. 8m diameter circular steel lined pressure shafts; Construction of Surface power house (285 m X 61 m X 64 m) including control block and transformer hall cum GIS; Construction of tailrace channel of width 206 m and length 35 m joining to river; Construction of adits associated with underground structures. Construction of 8 inclined surge tunnels of dia. 9.5m of length varying from 475m to 390m; and  8 Construction of vertical surge shafts of 9.5m circular in shape height varying from 10.5m to 12.5m.

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