Transtector launches versatile Compact Integrated Power Systems

Transtector Power Systems
Transtector Launches Versatile, Compact Integrated Power Systems for Enterprise DC Plant Applications

Transtector Systems has released a new line of enterprise rack-mount integrated power systems (IPS), combining AC-to-DC power rectification, power distribution and load control into a space-saving design that occupies as little as one standard rack unit (RU).

These new IPS units combine Transtector reliability and value with versatile functionality in a configurable design, providing users in cellular base stations, land mobile radio, utility, enterprise and other dynamic applications the essential functionality they need without sacrificing significant rack space.

Dan Rebeck, Product Line Manager, said: “Engineers in all types of applications require solutions that make the most of valuable space in equipment racks. These power systems provide the most essential, functionality to manage and deliver power to mission-critical equipment, and our emphasis on reliability means they’ll serve users effectively for the long term.”

Transtector’s IPS line includes two intelligent configurations: an ultra-slim 1 RU unit (1.75 inches in height) and a higher-capacity 2 RU solution (3.5 inches). When deployed as a DC power plant, the IPS utilizes state-of-the-art technology to rectify AC power and intelligently distribute to DC loads, with an advanced load controller providing both local and remote interfaces.

The 1 RU IPS features a 45A/2.4kW power rating, four pre-populated load circuit breakers and capacity for two rectifiers. Comparatively, the 2 RU IPS features a 180A/8.7kW power rating, five pre-populated load circuit breakers and capacity for up to three rectifiers.

Additional features include:

    • High load capacity in minimal space
    • High-efficiency (>96%) integrated rectifiers
    • Advanced load controller with LCD touchscreen plus remote access
    • Ethernet SNMPv3 communications
    • Dedicated backup battery protection circuit breaker
    • Visual and remote alarms
    • UL 60950-1 2nd Edition certified

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