UL opens an advanced EV charging center in Europe

UL, the global safety science leader, officially opened the UL EV Charging Test Center in Frankfurt/Neu-Isenburg. The center offers a comprehensive range of services, including charging infrastructure components and functional safety testing and certification, as well as homologation services, all in one location.

Milan Dotlich, General Manager and Vice President, UL’s Energy and Industrial Automation division, said: “With conducive EV policies, public acceptance and use of electric vehicles on the rise, these factors point to the increasing need to charge more vehicles faster and conveniently – placing an increased focus on battery, charging performance and safety. UL’s investment in the Frankfurt EV charging test facility demonstrates our commitment to global markets as well as new and developing standards. It also equips us to better support municipal utility infrastructure, European EV charging companies and automotive OEMs to fast-track their project fulfilment – allowing them ultimately, to quickly meet this rising demand.”

The new facility offers a vehicle to grid (V2G) – up to 250kW – charging testing capabilities. V2G charging expands EVs into energy storage and distributed energy resource applications, allowing EVs to integrate into the utility grid and serve as grid backup power for home, buildings and other uses.

Mirko Bautz, Regional Vice President for Europe Central-East and South, said: “Many significant developments in electric vehicle charging are taking place globally and in Europe with demands from end-users and new technological solutions pushing the infrastructure to do more and do it faster than before. This evolution is leading to new and innovative thinking, especially for safety requirements. The global acceptance of the UL Mark paired with dedicated local technical expertise and technical competency means that the European market now has a comprehensive test center in Europe for safety, electrical and compliance testing towards UL certification of innovative EV charging products and systems.”

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